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>: Research Unit prepare your equipment we have found an abandoned village with potential recovery of old technology.

>: You are to arrive as soon as possible, gather as much information and resources as you can and leave, we don't have enough data on the area to know what lurks around there.

>: Good Luck.

How to play:

W, A, S, D to move.
Shift to run.
E to interact.
ESC to open the main menu.

A word from the Developer of the game:

Hi ! thanks for checking out the page for my game, this is my first 3D game and my second on the Godot engine so i had somewhat of a hard time while making it and ended up cutting some of the things i had planed, but i'm really proud of how it turned out! i think it's my best game yet, so if you can give it a try and leave some feedback i would be really grateful. 
English is not my first language, so if you find any errors on my writing please let me know.
I plan on adding some more stuff post-jam to get closer to my original vision, as you may realize this game is heavily inspired by Blame! I hope this is going to be the first of a bunch of games inside this little story i made up (borrowing some bits from Blame) So if you liked this, stay tuned for more!


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A_Flower_Field_32BitJam_Linux.zip 18 MB
A_Flower_Field_32BitJam_win.zip 17 MB


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nice retro

Thanks for playing my game! On the second house you enter (the one that looks orange on the inside) you missed inspecting the table and the jars on the ceiling, the ending of the game only appears when you check everything, i will make sure to fix it on the post jam version, i hoped you had a good time :)